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‘The Ghost of Baltusrol’

INSIDE SPORTS, The Ghost of Baltusrol, 800x800“On a bright, smoldering afternoon late last week, the golf historians Bob Trebus and Rick Wolffe parked their sport utility vehicle…and walked through a rusted iron fence into a small cemetery behind a white steeple church.

“Do you remember where it is?” Wolffe asked.

“Trebus squinted. He scanned the field for a moment before pointing about a hundred yards out, beyond a stand of pine trees, toward a sunny plot of faded gray tombstones arrayed in a row. Among them, sitting up straight and dignified, one red basalt headstone somehow appeared to be in better condition than the rest.

“In memory,” it read, “of Boltus Roll.” Continue reading ‘The Ghost of Baltusrol’


‘NBA Playing Dirty Politics’

Here’s a tale of a bullying, multi-billion-dollar corporation using its economic power to try and force political change, contrary to the wishes of the people and their elected representatives: INSIDE SPORTS, NBA Playing Dirty Politics, 800x800

“Without any movement by state legislators in North Carolina to change newly-enacted laws targeted at the LGBT ‘community’, the NBA on Thursday decided to pull the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte…

“NBA commissioner Adam Silver had threatened to move All-Star Weekend out of Charlotte unless a…North Carolina law…was changed – and time to do so ran out because of the logistics and planning the NBA needs to run its marquee midseason event, league sources said.

“The issue is centered on North Carolina’s House Bill 2, a law that mandates transgender people use public restrooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates {The way it’s always been!}. Continue reading ‘NBA Playing Dirty Politics’

‘Those Wild and Wacky White Sox Are At It Again!’

‘Chicago White Sox Suspend Chris Sale for ‘Destroying Team Equipment’

“The Chicago White Sox on Sunday said it has suspended Chris Sale following a clubhouse incident Saturday night, in which the pitcher reportedly damaged throwback jerseys the team was scheduled to wear. INSIDE SPORTS, Those Wild and Wacky White Sox Are At It Again, 800x800“Sale was given a five-day suspension, which began Saturday, for “violating team rules, for insubordination and for destroying team equipment”, White Sox Senior Vice President and General Manager Rick Hahn said in a statement. The pitcher was also fined an undisclosed amount.

Sale reportedly was opposed to wearing a throwback version of the Chicago team’s 1976 “leisure suit” uniform and cut up his jersey and those of some of his teammates, ESPN reports. That jersey, which was designed to be tucked into a player’s pants, was often ridiculed when it was worn from 1976 until 1981, according to ESPN. Continue reading ‘Those Wild and Wacky White Sox Are At It Again!’