‘Terror Attack’

“German police have detained a suspect with “Islamist links” following a bomb attack on the bus of the ‘Borussia Dortmund’ football team.

“Borussia Dortmund players were on their way to their home ‘Champions League’ quarter-final first-leg match against Monaco, when three explosive charges detonated, police said.

“Spain international Marc Bartra underwent an operation after breaking a bone in his wrist {and for “bits of debris lodged in his hand”}. No other players were hurt, but a police officer on a motorbike escorting the bus suffered trauma from the noise of the explosions.

“Prosecutors also said the three explosive devices contained metal pieces.

“The blast radius of the attack was about 100m. Prosecutors said it was lucky the casualties were not worse.

“…A spokeswoman for Germany’s federal prosecutor, Frauke Koehler, said:

“Two suspects from the ‘Islamist spectrum’ have become the focus of our investigation. Both of their apartments were searched, and one of the two has been detained.”

“Ms Koehler said a piece of shrapnel had embedded itself in the headrest of one of the seats on the team bus.

“She said three copies of the same letter were found near the site of the blasts, indicating that the attacker had links to so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS). IS had said it carried out the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin in December that killed 12 people.

“Ms Koehler said the letter demanded

“the withdrawal of [German] Tornado fighter jets from Syria and, I quote, the closure of Ramstein airbase.”

“Ramstein is a significant US Air Force base…

“German media are reporting that the suspect detained is a 25-year-old Iraqi, and the second suspect is a 28-year-old German…

“The ‘Sueddeutsche Zeitung’ newspaper said the letter began with the phrase

“in the name of Allah”.

–‘Dortmund explosions: ‘Islamist’ suspect held over team bus attack’,
BBC, April 12, 2017


Armed police outside Signal Iduna Park (Kai Pfaffenbach-Reuters)

“One of two claims of responsibility for the attack — found in three copies of the same letter left at the scene — purports to be from an ‘ISIS’ sympathizer, according to a copy of the document obtained by ‘CNN’ from a source knowledgeable about the investigation.

“The single-page letter, typed in German, calls on Germany to pull its Tornado jets from missions over Syria, calls for the closure of the US Air Force’s Ramstein air base in Germany and refers to the “blessed brothers” behind the December 2016 Berlin truck attack…

“The letter also says that famous sporting figures, actors, singers, and celebrities in Germany and “other Crusader nations” are, from now on, on the “death list of the Islamic State” unless these requirements are fulfilled…

“Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke said he had paid a visit to the Borussia Dortmund team on Wednesday morning and that it was a difficult time for the club.

“I’ve called on them to show everyone out there that we will not give in to terror,” he said.

“Spanish defender Marc Bartra, 26, suffered injuries to an arm and hand, the team said. Bartra, who has played 29 games in all competitions for Dortmund this season, was treated at the scene and hospitalized.

“The team later said Bartra was in surgery for a broken radius — a bone in the forearm — and for “bits of debris lodged in his hand”.

–‘Dortmund bus attack: 1 detained, ‘terrorist involvement’ suspected’,
Christina Macfarlane, Laura Smith-Spark and Laura Goehler, CNN, April 12, 2017


Marc Bartra

“Three devices — which were studded with metal pins and might have been hidden in a hedge — were detonated as the Dortmund squad were travelling to the ‘Signal Iduna Park’ stadium for Tuesday’s Champions League quarter-final first leg.

“According to German media, a letter found near the scene referred to 2016’s attack on a Berlin market and began:

“In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” {Most Murderous?}

“The letter also named Angela Merkel and mentioned Germany’s deployment of ‘Tornado’ reconnaissance missions as part of an international coalition battling ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (Isil), according to local media…

“One of the metal pins from the bomb embedded itself in the headrest of one of the bus seats, and the bombs had an explosive effect that could reach more than 100 metres away, said Germany’s federal public prosecutor…”

–‘Borussia Dortmund explosions: Islamist suspect arrested over bus bombs as prosecutors investigate ‘terrorist link’,
Danny Boyle Melanie Hall, Telegraph (UK.), 12 April 2017

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