‘A Man Is Still a Man’

We’ve expanded this post from 2014, when we were only on ‘Facebook’. The man who is the subject of this post has since ‘retired’ from martial arts:

“I was 40 my last fight, and won it impressively. So much so, that other women were terrified to fight me — thus helping end my career.”

“I’ve never felt so overpowered, ever, in my life.”

“Nothing can take away from the fact that you are physically a man. Mentally and emotionally, who knows — but physically, he’s a man.”

From 2014:
“‘Transgender’ mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor Fallon Fox is facing new criticisms after breaking the eye socket of his last opponent.

“On Saturday, Fox defeated Tamikka Brents by TKO at 2:17 of the first round of their match. In addition to the damaged orbital bone that required seven staples, Brents received a concussion. In a post-fight interview this week, she told ‘Whoa TV’ that

“I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because [he] was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor,” she stated. “I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered, ever, in my life, and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right.”

“His grip was different”, she added. “I could usually move around in the clinch against…females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch.”

“Fox’s gender controversy is not new. In March 2013, after a 39-second knockout victory, it was revealed that Fox had not told the MMA community about his sex-change operation, which took place in 2006. That bout was the fifth straight first-round victory for the then-37-year old Fox, including his three amateur bouts, and his second victory as a professional fighter.

“A video of the Brents fight taken by a ringside fan shows Fox throwing several powerful knees to the face and torso of Brents at the start of the match, who pulled guard to protect herself. Soon, Brents turned her back to avoid damage, where she took approximately 45 seconds of elbow and fist strikes -– many blocked by her hands and arms –- before the referee stopped the fight.

“Critics of Fox abound, especially in light of the Brents fight. ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’ (UFC) female champ Ronda Rousey told ‘TMZ’ that while she would fight Fox…

“I feel like, if you already go through puberty as a man, that’s something you can’t really reverse”,

said Rousey, who said that it “would be fine” if a boy who was on hormone therapy to become a woman prior to puberty wanted to fight as a woman.

“Because Fox had ‘transgender’ surgery so late in life, however, Rousey said that he shouldn’t fight women.

“Likewise, last year, UFC announcer Joe Rogan made his opinion unambiguously and graphically clear, saying on his podcast that a ‘transgendered’ man would “have all the bone structure that comes with” being a man {See below}.

“You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints.”

“Speaking to ‘LifeSiteNews’, military veteran Jeff Nader, who has fought for UFC competitor ‘Bellator’, said that

“Fallon Fox has had the benefits of being a man for most of his life. [He has] bone density, muscle mass, and other physical benefits that one gets from being a man. You can’t have that, and then make a minor adjustment — basically, a cosmetic adjustment — and suddenly claim to be a woman.”

“Nothing can take away from the fact that you are physically a man. Mentally and emotionally, who knows — but physically, he’s a man.”

“I am 220 pounds right now, and there are some women who would beat me in a grappling match because they have better technique. But that’s in grappling, which doesn’t involve striking. My wife has beaten several men in regulated grappling matches, but when you involve striking, that changes the equation. The physicality involved in MMA, including brute strength, changes the equation.”

“Combat sambo practitioner and former amateur boxer Brian Ledoux was likewise critical of Fox’s decision to compete, saying that

“I do not think a ‘transgender’ male should be able to fight in female sports. I consider myself to be socially liberal on most subjects, but not when it comes to this scenario.”

“In my opinion, when it comes to something like combat sports, there is a clear physical advantage a transgender male could have over a female fighter. This is coming from my basic understanding of the physiological difference between the sexes,” Ledoux said. “These advantages create an uneven playing field in a sport that is already dealing with things like PED abuse, blood doping, etc.”

“While I respect an individual’s rights to live their own life,” Ledoux told ‘LifeSiteNews’, “I think in the case of MMA and combat sports, a clear line should be drawn.”

“Former professional MMA fighter Dennis “Old School” Siggins told ‘LifeSiteNews’ that “I totally disagree” with Fox fighting.”

“Even if a transgender male loses some of his physical strength, that person will still likely have a tremendous strength advantage over…female opponents”,

said Siggins, who in addition to fighting also formerly ran and reported for the biggest MMA website in New England and New York.

“A transgender male is simply bigger and more powerful than a female, and should not, I believe, be allowed to compete in female combat sports.”

…”After Fox’s past was revealed, ‘Championship Fighting Alliance’ women’s tournament was canceled in support of Fox, who was under a great deal of pressure at the time because he had falsely claimed the California boxing commission had approved his fighting license. Fox says the misunderstanding — Fox’s application was being considered in California — was accidental.

“In an interview with ‘Inside MMA’, Fallon said that

I don’t believe that a ‘transgender’ fighter should have to disclose his personal medical history to other female fighters before they fight. It’s simply for the reason the medical community and the scientific community have come to the ‘consensus’ that post-operative transsexual fighters who have been on hormone-replacement therapy and testosterone suppression, when they’re going from male to female, haven’t been found to have any physiological advantages over other women.”

Fox also said that some women who don’t want to fight him may choose that path because they “might be a hate-filled person” or “have a bias. He said that

“I don’t want to fight those people, anyways, because they’re scared.”

“He wants to fight someone who will fight “aggressively“.
{Then fight men…}

“One fighter who did try to be aggressive was Brents. Her conclusion is that Fox shouldn’t fight with women.

“Any other job or career, I say ‘have a go at it’ but when it comes to a combat sport, I think it just isn’t fair. At least not until we have more scientific proof that it is or isn’t fair. More research is needed, for sure.”

–‘Transgender ‘female’ MMA fighter gives female opponent concussion, broken eye socket’,
Dustin Siggins, LifeSite News, Sept 19, 2014

From his ‘Facebook’ page:
“Trump voter = fascist suporter, and Republican Caitlyn Jenner… I swear, I wish I could somehow someway…convince a commission to allow the two of us in a cage. That mouth of hers, it deserves much more than the right wing drivel that spills out of it. It would be nice to legaly {sic} smack it around.”

“She’s all about money, herself, and supporting the 1%. Fuck her and the limosine {sic} she rode in on. She’s not really one of “us”.”

Dr. Ramona Krutzik, M.D

“I’ve been conducting a series of interviews with medical professionals to weigh in on this sensitive issue and am completing the series with this post featuring a leading, board certified endocrinologist. Dr. Ramona Krutzik, M.D., F.A.C.E. has 11 years of experience and took the time to answer some questions for our readers, so that we can better grasp some of the physiological factors that might potentially make a difference in this particular instance with Fallon Fox. Here’s what Dr. Krutzik had to say:

“In this particular instance, Fox might potentially have an unfair advantage over the females she faces, because she developed all the way into adulthood as a male. There would be increased musculature, and an increased ability to build muscle, so an advantage might be present due to years of conditioning and becoming more masculine, which includes differences in endurance and strength. The male body develops differently, both in skeletal structure and muscularly.

“When pitted against an average female, I would say that there were probably some advantages that the hormonal blockade and subsequent replacement can’t take away 100%, simply because she lived so much of her life as a male, and developed fully as such.

“So here you have a man, who was on hormonal blockers to block testosterone, but is now taking estrogen, which is then going to prevent osteoporosis, so there wouldn’t be a great percentage of bone density loss, per se. Males have higher bone density and higher mass skeletons than females. It takes a long time for that to diminish.

“Typically, you’re looking at about 15 years after androgen suppression and SRS to really start to see significant changes in bone density. It’s been too early for her to see much of a decrease in bone mass or to make her equal to that of a female. She started off with a much higher bone density than other women her same age, and therefore will maintain a lot of that for a while. Additionally, because she is taking estrogen, that will actually help to maintain that bone mass. She may even carry that higher density much longer because of the estrogen therapy.

“Women also have lighter, child bearing hips because of the difference in hormones during the body’s developmental years. Her skeleton and body mass and shape developed a long time ago. Those changes cannot be undone. They are permanent…

“She developed fully into a male with normal musculature and bone structure. She didn’t undergo hormone therapy and surgery until she was fully developed, as compared to someone who completes therapy and surgery in their adolescence or very early adulthood, when they haven’t completely developed. Men are completely developed by the age of 22, and she didn’t start her therapy until several years later. She has the potential to be significantly stronger because her muscle development reached several years beyond full maturity, giving her the potential to be significantly stronger than other age matched women…

“…Women just do not have the ability to produce the same muscle mass that men do. The thing you need to consider is that everyone has different inborn abilities to develop muscle. It comes down to genetic potential and some people just have better abilities.

“There’s not really a way to determine how much her muscle mass will decrease over time. What can be said is that she has a naturally higher propensity to build and maintain muscle mass because she was once a fully developed, adult male. You can’t ever take that away from her.

“Something that also has to be considered is called imprinting of the brain. Male imprinting happens with testosterone during development. If no testosterone is present, you tend to have a female brain. Developing fetuses that have testosterone have male imprinting of the brain, and it does not go away after androgen suppression and sex change surgery. It is a permanent imprint on the brain.

“Someone that has had male imprinting could have the potential for more aggression or more aggressive type behavior than a female brain. That’s something that could affect her and possibly give her a mental edge in how she fights and how aggressive she might be, compared to a biologically born female.”

“…It should be noted that Dr. Krutzik only offered up what I consider to be her expert opinion to the best of her professional knowledge and expertise. She is well versed in pituitary conditions and hormone therapy, which makes her an ideal candidate for this interview. She did not weigh in on whether Fallon Fox should be licensed, nor did she offer up any personal thoughts on the subject…”

–‘Dr. Ramona Krutzik, M.D. discusses possible advantages Fallon Fox may have’,
Stephie Haynes, ‘Bloody Elbow’ (SB Nation), March 20, 2013


‘UFC’s Joe Rogan to Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox:
‘You’re a Fucking Man’

“During a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, co-host Brian Redban asked Rogan what he thought about “that tranny” [Fox], which started an eight-minute rant from Rogan that delved into the following commentary (via ‘Fight Opinion’):

“She calls herself a woman but… I tend to disagree. And, uh, she, um… she used to be a man but now she has had, she’s a transgender which is (the) official term that means you’ve gone through it, right? And she wants to be able to fight women in MMA. I say no fucking way. I say if you had a dick at one point in time, you also have all the bone structure that comes with having a dick. You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints. You’re a fucking man. That’s a man, OK? You can’t have… that’s… I don’t care if you don’t have a dick any more…”

“You can’t fight women. That’s fucking crazy. I don’t know why she thinks that she’s going to be able to do that. If you want to be a woman in the bedroom and you know you want to play house and all of that other shit and you feel like you have, your body is really a woman’s body trapped inside a man’s frame and so you got a operation, that’s all good in the hood. But you can’t fight chicks. Get the fuck out of here. You’re out of your mind. You need to fight men, you know? Period. You need to fight men your size because you’re a man. You’re a man without a dick.”

“I’m looking at a man with a dress, OK? And you don’t… you can act as a woman, I will call you a ‘her,’ I will, uh, call you ma’am. I’ll be respectful but you can’t fight women when you have a man’s frame. PERIOD. Women aren’t that wide, that generates to increased punching power. Women don’t have that sort of muscle structure. I don’t know what you’re doing, I don’t know, you mean obviously if you’re transoperational it means you removed your testicles so your body’s not producing testosterone any more. I don’t know if you’re supplementing testosterone. If your body’s not producing testosterone, why are your arms so big? What’s going on here? There’s a lot of shit going on there and you can’t fight women. No fucking way.”

“She’s won two fights by brutal knockout. So, she’s fighting women. … There’s a variety of small companies that, um, that are willing to allow a person like this to fight. I say it’s fucked up. You can’t fight women! You can’t. And just to look at her record, she’s crushed two women inside the first round. I mean, she’s crushing these girls…”

“Look, she’s huge! She’s not just huge, she’s got a fucking man’s face. I mean, you can wear all the lipstick you want. You want to be a woman and you want to take female hormones, you want to get a boob job, that’s all fine. I support your life to live, your right to live as a woman.”

“Fight guys, yes. She has to fight guys. First of all, she’s not really a she. She’s a transgender, post-op person. The operation doesn’t shave down your bone density. It doesn’t change. You look at a man’s hands and you look at a women’s hands and they’re built different. They’re just thicker, they’re stronger, your wrists are thicker, your elbows are thicker, your joints are thicker. Just the mechanical function of punching, a man can do it much harder than a woman can, period.”

“I support, 100%, anyone’s right to be transgender. This is not where it lies with me, like I’m not a prejudiced person. I don’t know what you feel in your body. If you really are a woman trapped in a man’s body, I support your right to do whatever you want to do. Go for it. If that’s what makes you happy, I would not try to stop that at all and I support it 100%. The real issue comes with violent competition with women and the reality of the physical structure of your body.

“The reality of the physical structure is not fair. You can’t say that a 145 pound woman and a 145 pound man are even. That’s like saying, you know, a 30-pound poodle and a 30-pound Pitbull are just two dogs — because they’re not. One of them has distributed its mass in quite a different way. It’s built for quite a different purpose and men are built for smashing shit. Women are built for getting held down by the stronger male monkey and, you know, women are built for carrying babies and doing work and whatever other non-hyperexplosive physical things you would want to do with your body. But they’re not built for hyperexplosive physical violence, they’re just not. They have more dainty frames, their hands are smaller. And even if they are big, they’re not big like a big man is.

“It’s not fair. I’m not trying to discriminate against women in any way, shape, or form and I’m a big supporter of women’s fighting. I loved watching that Ronda Rousey/Liz Carmouche fight. But those are actual women. Those are actual women. And as strong as Ronda Rousey looks, she’s still looks to me like a pretty girl. She’s a beautiful girl who happens to be strong. She’s a girl! [Fallon Fox] is not a girl, OK? This is a transgernder woman. It’s a totally different specification.”

“How about some crazy dude who wants to beat the fuck out of chicks, so he gets his dick chopped off? I mean, that’s not outside the realm of possibility. There’s a lot of suicidal fucks out there. There’s a lot of people that are like on the edge anyway. Like getting your dick chopped off, you know you’re going to pay attention to me? OK, I’ll chop my dick off, I’ll be a girl for a while.

“There’s people out there that are fucking crazy and you can’t let them fight girls. You just can’t. So, if this chick fights on Indian land, I guess they could do whatever you want. I don’t see the ‘Nevada State Athletic Commission’ allowing a woman to fight a man, though. … I don’t agree with the (Florida) athletic commission letting this happen. I don’t know. I don’t understand it. I don’t know why anybody would ever allow it. When it comes to competitive athletics, that’s where you got to draw the line.”


COMMENT: “Finally someone came out and said it.”
“It seems like this guy went to an awful lot of trouble just to gain the right to beat up women.”

Fallon Fox (Facebook)

“…Fox made his male-to-female transition in 2006 during a trip to Thailand…

“Once Fox had gone through “gender reassignment, breast augmentation and hair transplant surgeries” courtesy of the Bangkok National Hospital, he returned to America six weeks later.

“Prior to his transition, Fox had served in the Navy as a operations specialist 2nd class for the ‘U.S.S. Enterprise’ to support his daughter…

“Former ‘Strikeforce’ champion Miesha Tate has also weighed in on the issue, telling ‘ESPN’ that she personally wouldn’t fight a ‘transgender’ athlete like Fox due to “safety” concerns.

“‘UFC’ Hall of Famer and former welterweight champion Matt Hughes had a more subtle criticism of Fox during a ‘UFC 158’ Q&A session, referring to the ‘transgender’ athlete as an “it” when answering a hypothetical question about fighting him…”

‘UFC’s Joe Rogan to Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox: ‘You’re a F***ing Man’,
McKinley Noble, Bleacher Report, March 18, 2013


Ronda Rousey

“Ultimate Fighting Champion women’s bantamweight leader Ronda Rousey…told TMZ she could “knock out anyone in the world” but wouldn’t fight a ‘transgender’ woman.

“It’s a case-by-case scenario thing,” Rousey explained of squaring off against ‘trans’ fighter Fallon Fox. “I’ve tried to research it a lot. I feel like if you go through puberty as a ‘man,’ it’s not something you can reverse. … There’s no undo button on that.”

“Fox, who has won five of her last six professional fights, responded to Rousey’s comments on Facebook this Saturday, saying,

“I’m quite sure that there are quite a few female MMA fighters who have the guts to fight another skilled man without peeing their panties. … I think they may be a little more mentally tough and say, ‘I’ll fight a ‘trans woman’ {‘man’}, just like I’ll fight a lesbian woman or a black woman.'”

“They may throw all kinds of backwards, bogus bone density or bone structure arguments in it to possibly save face if they lose — because they sense that people are ignorant on bones within sport,” Fox continued…

“Last year, ‘UFC’ president Dana White shared his opinion on ‘trans female’ fighters being allowed to fight, saying,

“Bone structure is different, hands are bigger, jaw is bigger, everything is bigger. I don’t believe in it.” …

“In 2004, the ‘International Olympic Committee’ adopted what is known as the ‘Stockholm Consensus’,
the policy that opened the door for ‘transgender’ athletes to compete in the Olympic Games.”

–‘UFC Women’s Champ Refuses to Fight Trans Athlete Fallon Fox’,
Mitch Kellaway, OUT, 2015-07-16

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