‘Is The NFL Imploding?’

Steelers Quarterback ‘Regrets’ Team’s Disrespect:
“The boycotts, the booing, the cratering ratings… It’s starting to work. Ben Roethlisberger, twice accused of sexual assault, sees the NFL gravy train about to derail. He posted an ‘apology’ on his page, claiming he couldn’t sleep all last night.. Awww. My heart so bleeds for this overpaid sexual predator…

“Hey guess what Ben? You’re too little, too late. You and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers…have permanently damaged your brand, your league and your history. No phony words you write will make up for the betrayal you and your team…have done to this country, it’s flag and it’s military.”

–‘Ben Roethlisberger forced to apologize over anthem backlash’,
September 25, 2017


COMMENT: “You think these overpaid idiots would do something that matters to the people they claim to be “helping” with their BS “protest”. Like maybe donating, let’s say, 1/2 of their salaries to some SJW group. That would be a chunk of change.
They will not.

“But that’s OK because they are well funded by George Soros, and other elites. They want you to think they are protesting the Man but the fact is, they are on the Man’s side. They are not protesting anything. They are doing what their rulers want them to do. That’s help destroy Trump. The ONLY politician not in the elite’s pocket.”

Alejandro Villanueva stands outside the tunnel alone during the national anthem, Sept. 24, 2017, in Chicago. (Nam Y. Huh–AP)

‘Hero’ turns out to be a coward…

“Among the images from Sunday’s Steelers-Bears game was one of Steelers left tackle Alejandro Villanueva standing by himself at the end of the tunnel to the field during the playing of the national anthem while the rest of the team’s players waited deeper in the tunnel to come on the field at the end of the song.

“The Steelers had said that all players were going to remain inside until after the anthem…

“Villanueva said he did not want to give the impression that the team was not unified and said several times that it was “my fault only” that things didn’t go off as planned.

“Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus, unintentionally,”
{It’s what your teammates deserved!}

Villanueva said in a video from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…”

–‘Alejandro Villanueva: I threw my teammates under the bus unintentionally’,
Josh Alper, Pro Football Talk (NBC Sports), September 25, 2017


“The legacy of Colin Kaepernick is hanging over the NFL like a dark cloud. During the 2016 NFL season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Kaepernick became the subject of national outrage after he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest supposed police violence against black Americans. While Kaepernick is not playing in the 2017 season, he has left his mark on the NFL — and the 49ers.

“The San Francisco 49ers faced off against the Los Angeles Rams Thursday night for their third game of the season. However, by kickoff, there were more empty seats than fans at Levi Stadium, as many fans continue to boycott the NFL over the protests sparked by Kaepernick. Multiple fans shared pictures on ‘Twitter’ documenting the low attendance. Less than half of the seats were filled by game start.

“According to ‘SFGate’, ticket sales for Thursday night’s game hit rock bottom. Ticket reseller, ‘Stubhub’, was selling tickets for Thursday night’s game for only $14, around the same price of a hotdog and a beer at the recently-built Levi stadium. The cheapest tickets were originally priced at $85.

“Since Colin Kaepernick launched his protest last year, the NFL has struggled to court viewers. A study released by ‘J.D. Power and Associates’ last year suggests that about 30% of the fans who stopped watching football did so because of the national anthem protests, reports ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

“NFL started to see a dip in ratings last year, but concerns were brushed aside. The dip in ratings was blamed the 2016 Presidential election, and was expected to return to normal this season.

“Now, three weeks into the regular season, it appears that ratings and in-game attendance are unlikely to recover. Fewer people are watching the NFL today than there has been in years, perhaps decades…

“Continued declines in NFL ratings again this season will likely place further downward pressure on media stocks,”

‘Guggenheim Securities’ expert, Michael Morris said, adding that,

“the NFL is an indicator of overall primetime programming ratings performance.”

“At a rally in Alabama Friday night, President Trump compounded the NFL’s woes by encouraging football fans to boycott games if players keep protesting the national anthem.

“When you see it, leave the stadium. I guarantee you it will end”,

the President said, but it seems that many football fans have already got the message.”

–‘America Just Sent a Powerful Message to Anthem Protesters’,
The Liberty Eagle, September 24, 2017



See also:
Ignorance and Arrogance: A Bad Combination’ (Kaepernick) {October 19, 2016}:

“During the past month, the overall stock market is up more than 2% but shares of companies that broadcast NFL games — Comcast, Walt Disney, Fox, CBS — are all down between 1% to 8%…

“Towards the end of last season some felt the NFL’s ratings dip would be temporary and therefore would not ultimately hurt the networks by forcing them to reimburse advertisers. Instead, the opposite has happened.

“Ratings for the the NFL have been worse this season and attendance for some games has also been disappointing. The networks will pay over $5 billion this season to televise the NFL and were already facing unflattering margins on advertising profits.

“An article in ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ reckons the drop in NFL ratings could trim the broadcaster’s earnings by $200 million. Disney’s ESPN, meanwhile, also continues to get hammered…”

–‘NFL Broadcasting Stocks Slump As Protests Rise And TV Ratings Fall’,
Mike Ozanian , Forbes,Sept. 23, 2017

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