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‘An Open Question’

“The mainstream media is working overtime to avoid any mention that a Covid vaccine played any part in the NFL’s Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. Their established narrative lays blame on a “blow to his chest” as the cause for his heart attack during the 1st quarter of Monday’s game. This explanation is a deliberate attempt to keep the “V” word out of any Hamlin discussions. 

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‘The CommonWoke Games’

“‘Woke’ scolds are ruining everything. Even sport.”

“Can the woke scolds not leave us alone for five minutes? Judging from the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, the answer to that question is a firm ‘No’. The ceremony was a big fat finger-wag at the nation, an am-dram lecture to the masses on the right way to think about Race, colonialism, gender, blah blah blah. It was like being beaten around the head with a copy of the Guardian for three hours. What ought to have been a sparkling celebration of Blighty ahead of a two-week sporting festival that is exactly the pick-me-up this troubled nation needs, was turned by the Beeb and the Birmingham glitterati into yet another opportunity to hector Joe Public about ‘ishoos’. Millions must have switched off.

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‘What’s Going On?’

“The following is a documented compilation of 1,000 Athletes and Sports related incidences from March 2021 to 16th June 2022, each slide presented for 5 seconds. These are only the ones we hear about and which are sports related. The real numbers are unknown. There is a concerted and desperate effort by big tech and the mainstream media to ignore, hide, cover up, divert or straight up lie about what is going on.”

Original BitChute Video:

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‘Sabotaging Women’s Sports’

Even when following IOC hormone-reduction guidelines, genetically male athletes are, on average, 40% heavier, 15% faster, 30% more powerful and 25-50% stronger than female athletes. It should therefore come as no surprise that injury to female athletes increases by 30% when genetically male competitors enter the sport.”

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‘Another Man Wins Women’s Competition’

Second is the new firstShe finished second place, but would have been first place if people had the courage to speak up about the injustice of a MAN competing against women.”

The University of Virginia’s Emma Weyant was praised as the “real winner” after she came in second to biologically-male ‘transgender’ swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship 500 yard freestyle on Thursday. 

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‘Athletes Unite The World, Politics Divide It’

“Zlatan Ibrahimovic has doubled down on his criticism of athletes who mix politics and sports. The Milan striker was speaking on Tuesday at a press conference for the San Remo music festival, which he is co-hosting. 

Athletes unite the world, politics divide it”,
he said.
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‘No More Indians’

First, they came for ‘Chief Wahoo’. Then…
The sad irony in all of this is that the Leftists and ‘Woke’ activists that are pushing the ‘renaming’ agenda are also people who have no use for professional sports, and would ban them if they could…

“…The Cleveland Indians have decided to change their team name, moving away from a moniker that has recently been criticized {by some} as ‘racist’…  Continue reading ‘No More Indians’

‘Rejecting Traditional Roles’

“Women’s lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports around the world, but for the Haudenosaunee {Iroquois} women’s team, the road to lacrosse has been slow. In 1999, the women’s ‘Haudenosaunee National’ team was disbanded in response to opposition from clan mothers (traditional Haudenosaunee matriarchs). The opposition stemmed from teachings that say lacrosse is a medicine game given only to men to play

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‘The Language of Football’

“As far back as I can remember, I have associated a British accent with football {soccer}, and that we can watch these games here in basically their original form is to me what makes them so appealing and popular…

“This thought struck me on a recent Sunday morning as I watched a ‘Serie A’ match with the sound off. I have spent about three years of my life living in Italy and have followed ‘Serie A’ intently ever since I was introduced to it as a wide-eyed 16-year-old. That morning, the sound was off because my girlfriend was still asleep, but more and more I’ve found myself watching these games without the sound, which seems almost a contaminant.

“It’s not that the quality of the commentary in English is that bad – it is pretty bad, though – it’s more that it just doesn’t fit the game the way the actual Italian commentary does. As in this country, where language and sport seem to have evolved side-by-side, the same is true in Italy and any viewing without the original audio is incomplete. Continue reading ‘The Language of Football’

‘Russia Just Keeps On Lying’

“Russia lost its top ranking in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the most expensive in history, when it was stripped of two more gold medals in the doping scandal that’s engulfed the nation’s athletes…

“Russian resentment over the doping allegations, which the Kremlin denies, is already a source of tension with the U.S. President Vladimir Putin, who personally oversaw the $50 billion preparations for the Games, has accused the U.S. of using the question of Russian participation in the Olympics as a means to influence presidential elections next March, in which he’s expected to seek a record fourth term…

“The IOC’s review of Russian athletes at Sochi followed the report of an independent commission last year. It concluded that Russian officials engaged in a “systematic scheme” to obscure positive dope-test results involving about 1,000 athletes from 2011-2015. The commission led by Richard McLaren found that Russia developed the program after its athletes finished in 11th place with just three gold medals at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, its worst performance since the collapse of the Soviet Union… Continue reading ‘Russia Just Keeps On Lying’