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‘The Language of Football’

“As far back as I can remember, I have associated a British accent with football {soccer}, and that we can watch these games here in basically their original form is to me what makes them so appealing and popular…

“This thought struck me on a recent Sunday morning as I watched a ‘Serie A’ match with the sound off. I have spent about three years of my life living in Italy and have followed ‘Serie A’ intently ever since I was introduced to it as a wide-eyed 16-year-old. That morning, the sound was off because my girlfriend was still asleep, but more and more I’ve found myself watching these games without the sound, which seems almost a contaminant.

“It’s not that the quality of the commentary in English is that bad – it is pretty bad, though – it’s more that it just doesn’t fit the game the way the actual Italian commentary does. As in this country, where language and sport seem to have evolved side-by-side, the same is true in Italy and any viewing without the original audio is incomplete. Continue reading ‘The Language of Football’